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jason is an asshole

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8/17/07 11:47 am - badassbuffdude - Jason really sucks

One time I was walking down the street and Jason was all like "Hey bro! What's up?" I thought he was really cool (boy was I wrong!) and walked over to see him. No sooner than I had said "Hey Jason," he punched me in the stomach, pulled down my pants, and said "looks like someone hasn't gone through puberty yet." Man, Jason sucks.

3/7/07 01:48 pm - dreamonastar

Jason, even your livejournal group sucks.

7/24/06 02:31 am - forgainstit - It begins (again)

marriage is a sham...
if i could i would marry 15 women in one day.
divorce them all and take a huge dump on the priest.

1/10/05 12:17 am - ilustyouuu

jason makes fun of me because i have boobs.

1/6/05 01:06 pm - suntansuperman

I met Jason at the mall a few days ago and ended saying hey to him after a long time of no talking and the first thing he says to me is. "Hey, do you still fuck yourself or have you gotten your grannie drunk enough?" I pretty much called a pig fucker and that was the end of that, although later on I threw a gum ball at him from inside a store. That is why I believe Jason is an asshole.

12/28/04 11:52 pm - thisisourmusic

About once every two months jason flips out on me and blames me for all of his romantic troubles.

And what do I do to provoke this?

I say "Hi Jason. How are you?"

12/27/04 03:47 pm - ilustyouuu

my mom told me today that jason and i are a lot like jerry and elaine, except that jason is always saying mean things to me and jerry's actually a pretty nice guy. :)

12/23/04 12:00 am - ilustyouuu

everytime i hug jason, he sighs with disgust and says "god, your touch sickens me."
sometimes he senses that i'm going to hug him before i do it and says "if you fucking hug me, i swear to god alisha.."

12/22/04 02:06 am - briefmoments

I knew Jason was an asshole on the first day we met because he stole my lip gloss.

12/21/04 04:33 pm - ilustyouuu - number one

"alisha, i wish we were married.. and spouse abuse was legal." -jason.
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